a small guitarStringTuner

StringTuner is an “app” for phone or PDA that plays the notes of a stringed instrument, such as a guitar, to aid in tuning the instrument.

Gratis and libre by Steve White.

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So far, StringTuner has standard tunings for Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Violin and Cello.

And so far, its interface is localized for the languages Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish, besides English.

Hardware supported

StringTuner is intended for any device that supports

It has been seen running in multiple Nokia phones with Symbian S60 3rd Edition.

It ought to run as well on Blackberry RIM—but that system is mysteriously lacking the feature of playing a short MIDI event, although the Blackberry developer documentation seems to indicate support for MMAPI.

It might run under Android with something like Netmite App Runner, but the App Runner also currently lacks MMAPI support.

It won’t work on iPhone until they smarten up about Java.